Build Big

Server updates.

Feb 192017
  • Spigot and WorldEdit have been updated.
  • ProRecipes (custom recipes) have been updated and added back.



Server updates.

Feb 132017

Spigot and Supertrails have been updated. 

Tried to update PurpleIRC but the update caused the server to crash when someone logged on.

Thumpers music disc farm

Feb 052017

Yet another great build by Thumper67. Gotta say im impressed.




Creeper only spawn farm
design by ilmango.

Tileable and stackable.
400 of these feed the farm.



Killing area


Server updates

Jan 162017

Spigot have been updated, 6 minor bug fixes.

Enabled ProRecipes, the custom crafting recipes are working again.

Also updated three plugins:

  • AntiWorldFly
  • PurpleIRC
  • ProtocolLib


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