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Server updates

Jan 162017

Spigot have been updated, 6 minor bug fixes.

Enabled ProRecipes, the custom crafting recipes are working again.

Also updated three plugins:

  • AntiWorldFly
  • PurpleIRC
  • ProtocolLib

"climate change"

Jan 132017


The server have been experiencing daily drops in performance. 

Reason: primarily too many entities but redstone too.

Option 1: decrease the server render distance, mob cap and activation range of entities. 

Option 2: the players trim the amount of entities they use in their private area and start spreading out their entities so that they are not all loaded at the same time. Same goes for redstone, use it wisely, don't make a bunch of heavy redstone machines close together.

It is not possible for me as a single person to chose or enforce option 2, therefore I have to lower the settings on the server to keep the performance staple.

If the player base collectively decides to trim their entities and place their redstone more wisely I will be able to increase the settings of the server. 

Look here for a list of entities.


In other news.

The server can't start up when the custom recipe plugin is enabled. So no custom recipes for a while.

New Rank. Sprout

Dec 252016

For a while I've wanted to rearrange permissions a bit. One thing I've wanted is to make it harder to get the fly permission since flying around fast, unfortunately,  costs a lot of server resources and therefore it isn't possible to keep handing it out to almost every player.

I've therefore added a new rank below than the Carrot rank. The new rank is called Sprout and will contain some of the permissions from the carrot rank.

  • /nv: nightvision
  • /etpahere <player>
  • /etpa <player>
  • /wb: workbench
  • /ec: enderchest

The Carrot rank will of cause still have access to the commands as well as a few new ones.

  • improved /visit have been moved from the soy rank to the carrot rank. It is now possible for carrots to teleport to region posts without being close to them.
  • Added permissions for FastCraft+. The plugin replaces the standard crafting table and can be toggled on/off with /fc toggle.

The rank ladder is Default > Sprout > Carrot > Soy.

And of cause there is the hidden Potato rank, which I remember creating long time ago. I had a laugh when I saw the only permission node I had given it. 



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